Final blog post

For me this semester, innovative meant a few different things. At the start of my semester and even now, I was juggling my time between an infant and school work. I had to get innovative on how I used my time. It meant limiting my online time and trying to use the time I did have to solely focus on the assignment that were day this day or the next. I did not have much time to look forward, which was a change for me. I was always used to be able to look ahead and get that assignment done.  I changed the way I learned because I was not able to be as free as I used to be. I used to be able to dissect even the smallest details and research it. I did not have that luxury this semester.

In the course, my different areas of my talents needed to explore, some new and some that I already thought I had strength in. To be honest, I thought I had a vast understanding of technology but I learned there were so many tools that I didn’t utilize that I could have been. Innovation would be using my resources to expands on my weakness and strengths. I thought the quote by George Couros describe this idea the best:  “I believe that my abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed, leading to the creation of new and better ideas.”

I’m not a teacher in the sense I have a classroom, but I think in some ways, we are all teachers. We all have the ability to teach the world about different things. We can teach the world about our strengths and talents. I think as an parent, I have learned things from this class that will be an assent for my children when they are in school. I plan on fostering their passions and using it to get them involved in their own education. I think the passion project was the most influential on me because it made me explore my own learning methods, and it got me interested in learning. I think the interest and want is the most important part of learning. If you don’t have that piece, will you really be striving to learn?

I do think that I will be using the social and technology tools from this semester. In the past, I have tried to get a blog started but it always failed. I didn’t know where to start because I thought it had to have a niche, but I learned otherwise. I just need to have a little passion in what I post about. If your excited about it, others will be too.


Daily Create Round up! 17-20

17/Best Assignment

I have really enjoyed the GIF’s. My favorite so far has been my Sense and Sensibility GIF about Mariann and Colonel Brandon, mostly because it features the Colonel. Swoon…

18/ favorite historical figure

My favorite historical figure would Queen Elizabeth I. In fact, I named my daughter after her. I think I’m drawn to her because she broke the stereotypes of her time.

19/I’ll Love You ForeverSense_and_Sensibility_Video_Clip_4

20/Muppet GIFs


Digital Life!


1-3 FLikr

Reflecting on Passion Project

Reflecting back on my passion project made me realize that sewing is more complicated than I remembered. It could have been for a number of reasons, but mostly I think, distractions. My head is filled with so much information right now as I wrap up my semester and topping it off, I have now two children to take care of. When I first started sewing a few years ago, I only had one and my son was leaving the toddler stage. I had more time on my hands and I could get away with making time to sew. Now, it feels like I almost have schedule time to get anything done. In fact, when I think of it, shower time is my only alone time. That fact really puts it into perspective for me. There has not been much for myself these days in my present motherhood. I need a little passion in something, I need to set aside time for myself. Sewing was good for me and my soul!

Anyways, onto an update about the suck pads. Last week, I used the patterned to cut out the “dear diary” fabric. I found the roller cutter I had was dull. It was not cutting cleanly and left threads. So I stopped for a day and went out to find a roller cutter. Not an easy task on a island with limited craft supplies. With Walmart not having any, I had to make a trip to the only craft store on the island. Normally I avoid it because it is Honolulu and the traffic is INSANE! Next day, I was able to get clean, smooth lines and was pleased. I pinned the outer material (what is seen) with the middle material that serves the purpose to absorb. I was nervous about this part because it felt so final! With my handy seam ripper beside me, I started my first lines. I was able to fiddle with my setting and finally found an decent tension (if you recall my lengthy issues with it).  So I have one suck pad that is sewed, another that is pinned. I plan on adding the ribbon to the bottom in little loops, purpose is mostly for looks! It’s cute! I ordered pilers and snaps from amazon, which is the last step! I would say I am about 75% done with them.

I plan on posting pictures when I’m done. Just tuned if it interests you 🙂

Daily Create roundup 9 to 16

9/Celebrating Too Early



My favorite holiday would have to be Christmas. I feel like there is nothing that could compare to it. It engages all of our senses from the sights, smells and feels of warm and fuzzy.

11/Socialize Your Media

I would want to follow historical figures such as King Henry, Anne Boleyn, Queen Elizabeth. Could you imagine the posts by Henry? Would Anne find out it’s off with her head via a post on her wall? Possibilities are endless.

12/GIF Me Again About My Eyes


13/All Aboard The GIF Train


14/ Haiku of Season

Some Soft bird Shivers.
Beauteous summer spreads
The Break over the sky.

15/Your Last Words

I forgive you, forgive me, I love you.

16/  Dark Haiku

A cold day destroys.
Engulfing shadow spreads
This time before twilight.


Untitled Infographic

I decided to use the chart because I thought it applied to the topic of sewing. Plus, the comic book app format is on the cell phone and I prefer to do in on the laptop. I thought the program made it pretty simple to create a poster. There is even a tour to give the user a better look at all the features. I decided that I would learn on my own by playing around. Even so, it was very straight forward and I had no hard time understanding how to use it. I did notice many of the features were “locked”. You needed to level up to use them. They have a ton of templates to get you started. Or you can start with a blank one and customize it. It’s a technology advance take on the standard poster making. I could see this being used in middle or high school.

Technology: my new ball and chain

Paul Miller’s Ted Talk had me exploring on my own thoughts on technology. Recently, I noticed my own attachment to technology, specifically devices like my Iphone. I’m ashamed to admit it but I carry it around with me in my pockets. I check it frequently during the day to include Texts, Facebook, and Email. I’m always connected. So I’m connected with the internet, but what human connections am I missing because of it? Probably a lot, as my children are young. Even worse, are my children going to notice my attachment to my cell phone? I would hate for them to think back on their childhood and have my cell phone make a huge chuck of it. I’m not using my technology mindfully, I using it needlessly. I don’t really need to check everything multiple times a day. It’s just not necessary and it’s not more important than living. I already have issues staying in the present, something I addressed in my passion project. I’m always thinking ahead, thinking about what needs to be saved for, what needs to be researched, what needs to be done. Often, technology contributes to it because I use it as the source to feed my need to plan ahead. way ahead. My devices have become a ball and chain. Now, I do know I need it. It contributes to the success of my college degree and it helps me stay connected with my family that lives far away.

So the Ted Talk’s made me come to a few conclusions, most importantly: I need to limit my time spent on technology. With the undergraduate degree coming to completion in a week I decided I will start limiting my time on the computer and cell phone. I haven’t decided how. Maybe I will limit the number of times I am allowed to check it or have a black out time of the day that I cannot use it. I’ll be updating this in about two weeks to let everyone know how this experiment is going