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For me this semester, innovative meant a few different things. At the start of my semester and even now, I was juggling my time between an infant and school work. I had to get innovative on how I used my time. It meant limiting my online time and trying to use the time I did have to solely focus on the assignment that were day this day or the next. I did not have much time to look forward, which was a change for me. I was always used to be able to look ahead and get that assignment done.  I changed the way I learned because I was not able to be as free as I used to be. I used to be able to dissect even the smallest details and research it. I did not have that luxury this semester.

In the course, my different areas of my talents needed to explore, some new and some that I already thought I had strength in. To be honest, I thought I had a vast understanding of technology but I learned there were so many tools that I didn’t utilize that I could have been. Innovation would be using my resources to expands on my weakness and strengths. I thought the quote by George Couros describe this idea the best:  “I believe that my abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed, leading to the creation of new and better ideas.”

I’m not a teacher in the sense I have a classroom, but I think in some ways, we are all teachers. We all have the ability to teach the world about different things. We can teach the world about our strengths and talents. I think as an parent, I have learned things from this class that will be an assent for my children when they are in school. I plan on fostering their passions and using it to get them involved in their own education. I think the passion project was the most influential on me because it made me explore my own learning methods, and it got me interested in learning. I think the interest and want is the most important part of learning. If you don’t have that piece, will you really be striving to learn?

I do think that I will be using the social and technology tools from this semester. In the past, I have tried to get a blog started but it always failed. I didn’t know where to start because I thought it had to have a niche, but I learned otherwise. I just need to have a little passion in what I post about. If your excited about it, others will be too.

Daily Create Round up! 17-20

17/Best Assignment

I have really enjoyed the GIF’s. My favorite so far has been my Sense and Sensibility GIF about Mariann and Colonel Brandon, mostly because it features the Colonel. Swoon…

18/ favorite historical figure

My favorite historical figure would Queen Elizabeth I. In fact, I named my daughter after her. I think I’m drawn to her because she broke the stereotypes of her time.

19/I’ll Love You ForeverSense_and_Sensibility_Video_Clip_4

20/Muppet GIFs


Digital Life!


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