Passion Project: New Fabric and Help

I’m super excited to report that I received my newest fabric. It matches my “Dear Diary” Tula and will be used for the suck pads. I bought about one yard of the fabric and will use the same pink fleece for the absorbent middle fabric. I was surprised in the amount of fabric I got out of one yard. I’m going to have a lot of left over fabric, so I’ve been considering using that fabric to make a matching hood. Right now, it is just a plain black hood. It would all match very nicely. I’ve been doing research to find patterns to make a hood. Right now, I need to decide between a flat hood or a hoodie hood. Flat hood is just a flat piece of fabric with snaps, a hoodie hood is what you think of, like a hood on a sweater. I do like the flat hood because I feel like it blocks more of the sun out than a hoodie hood would. Below I attached a picture of my newest fabric. They even sent me an ribbon. Im going to create little loops to attach to the bottom of the suck pad. It does not serve a greater purpose than making it look even more cute!photo 3

This week, I started to do some stitches. I got the bottom spool loaded in correctly and thought this is the best time to start the outside cover. So, the top stitches looked really great, but I lifted up, the bottom of the fabric was an absolute mess. You can tell by the picture below that the thread is very loose and is causing it to pull away from the 1 I was unsure about the cause and how to fix it. I didn’t find any answers that made sense to me online or in the book. I decided my mother-in-law could help me. She sews quilts. She used to even sew my husband’s clothes when he was a child. Think 80’s! Anyways, I texted her the picture. She thinks it is because of the tension setting. She is not sure because she has an different machine. She suggested playing around with the tension setting and even the type of stitch. They affect each other. I ended up pulling out all of the stitch and fiddling with the tension. I’m still working on that now. I’m happy that it was the green fabric and not my newest fabric.

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