Daily Create roundup 9 to 16

9/Celebrating Too Early



My favorite holiday would have to be Christmas. I feel like there is nothing that could compare to it. It engages all of our senses from the sights, smells and feels of warm and fuzzy.

11/Socialize Your Media

I would want to follow historical figures such as King Henry, Anne Boleyn, Queen Elizabeth. Could you imagine the posts by Henry? Would Anne find out it’s off with her head via a post on her wall? Possibilities are endless.

12/GIF Me Again About My Eyes


13/All Aboard The GIF Train


14/ Haiku of Season

Some Soft bird Shivers.
Beauteous summer spreads
The Break over the sky.

15/Your Last Words

I forgive you, forgive me, I love you.

16/  Dark Haiku

A cold day destroys.
Engulfing shadow spreads
This time before twilight.

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