Daily Create 1-8

7/11 Create a Bucket List:

My Bucket List:
1) Go on a Tudor Tour
2) Visit Poland and Germany
3) Go to a high english tea party
4) Try Seafood
5) Learn to ballroom Dance
6) Dress up and go to a Ball
7) Take my children to Disney World
8) Hike more mountains
9) Hold babies in the NICU
10) SKy Dive

7/12  Make a Movie GIF


When and Where would you like to live?

I think I like my own time period best because of the health care and technology advances, as well as freedom for women. So I would select now but I would change my location back to Washington State. I loved it there before the move. It had the perfect climate. I loved my house, jobs and my friends there.

7/14photo 1

7/15 Heroic   Entertaining   Artsy  Trustworthy  Heart-felt  Ecstatic  Right Handed

7/16photo 2

7/17 My memory of my freshman move i day:

I remember that my mother was mad at me for talking about my dad. I can’t remember what, but she didn’t like to talk about him because they were divorced. She refused to go to target to get items for my dorm room. When we got closer, she changed her mind and we went to CVS instead. They didn’t have nearly what I needed for the room, but we made do. I got to the dorm and unpacked, nervous for what my room mate would be like. First thing I noticed about the room, was the sign on the door. My roomate and I had the same first and middle name!

7/18 Favorite Music Video GIF David_Guetta_She_Wolf_Falling_To_Pieces_ft_Sia_Official_Video

7/19 My Dream Vacation:

My dream vacation would be somewhere tropical. It would be in a villa with that it’s own private pool. It would also be steps away from the ocean. We wouldn’t have to cook and would get breakfast in our villa. During the days we would swim in the ocean or go to the spa. The nights would be spent relaxing with wine or swimming in the heated private pool.

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