It’s Monday! (Kinda) What are you reading?

I kept pushing this blog post back day by day. I wanted to get all the books (three) finished before I posted this last Monday review. It’s a bit bitter sweet, but I hope to continue this blog even when it’s not being graded for the class. So on to it!

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina

I avoid writing a summary here because the class has read this book along with me but I will give a few thoughts about the book as an whole. I think this book fits the social issues genre well. Sadly, violence or threats of and bullying is becoming more common place in school and this book is realistically depicting that. It made me think back to my own youth and question how much bullying was happening at that time, it wasn’t that long ago from my teenage years. Maybe I was lucky, but I don’t recall violence in my middle or high school. Maybe I was lucky, or it was where I lived. I asked my husband and he said in the inner city school were he lived, bullying and fighting was a daily thing for many students. That was just sad to me. Like those on twitters, I echo the sentiment that this book could be a good read as a class, given they have a higher maturity level. It can open the dialogue up to addressing bullying in the schools.

25346I selected “Out of the Dust” by Karen Hesse as my book to reread. I had read it many-many years and I enjoyed it. It was always on my list of books but I never found time to read it. With the class winding down, I knew it was good motivation to get it done! If you enjoy historical fiction, you’ll probably enjoy this book as much as I did. It had a unique feel to it, verse, which made it feel like you had someone’s diary in your hand and were reading it. Gives it more a personal touch.  It was the years of the great depression a struggle among itself when the farm lands dried up. Clouds of dust consumed the skies and the crops were eaten up by the bugs or burned away by the heat and sun. Billie Jo must go up fast from both the dust bowl era and her own personal struggles within her family life.


This is another classic child’s novel. Honestly, I had this feeling as I dove into it that I read it, it just felt familiar to me. Anyone know if this book is part of a school curriculum? Maybe it was at school or even because of what the topic was about, survival in the wilderness. Brian is left to fend for himself after a tragic plane crash. With limited supplies that include the famed hatchet, Brian starts to brave the weather and the animals. He learns from doing and never giving up. Will he make it out in one piece?

One thought on “It’s Monday! (Kinda) What are you reading?

  1. You very well could have read Hatchet in school–it’s required reading at many elementary and middle schools. Sometimes I require Out of the Dust for this course, depending on which version of the course I decide to teach. It’s really a strong verse novel. I agree with you that Yaqui Delgado is very timely!


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